Zombie Outbreak 2 walkthrough

Zombie Outbreak 2 is a new top down shooter game from Gokhan Tarcan. Apparently, the inevitable zombie apocalypse has began and is consuming just about everyone. Infecting people and turning them into brain hungry zombies. You play as a survivor and you must shoot your way using weapons that you will find through 10 levels crawling with hundreds of undead trying to eat you. Find supplies and upgrade your weapons to be more effective against the walking dead.

Zombie Outbreak 2 walkthrough.

This game has also 3 challenge levels including sniper, rocket launcher and minigun challenge. With good effects, both visual and audio, added to the intense - sometimes extremely intense - gameplay, you will surely enjoy this one from start to finish. Meanwhile, here's a compilation of videos of Zombie Outbreak 2 walkthrough showing the game beaten.

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