Sleepy Stu's Adventure walkthrough

Sleepy Stu's Adventure is another new platformer puzzle adventure game from paradoxongames. Meet Stu, a very sleepy person but is deprived from even taking a nap because of the noise of the city he live in. Help him get his well deserved peaceful rest by going through 70 well thought out levels. The game has 3 moral paths to follow and 3 possible endings which are affected by good or bad deeds and karma.

Sleepy Stu's Adventure walkthrough.

If you want to play the game with achievements, you must play it on mofunzone. Anyway, art style is great, music is great and the gameplay is addicting and challenging at the same time. Meanwhile, if you are trying to find a guide of some sort for this one, I am collecting Sleepy Stu's Adventure walkthrough and this is what we have so far (updated when new videos goes live).

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