Click Death 2 walkthrough

Click Death 2 is a new point and click stick men game from bored. The gameplay is similar to the other game called causality so that means your objective is to wreack havoc and cause mayhem upon these innocent stick men. story is not that important but for the plot's sake here it is; The Stickmen discovered massive oil fields and rushed to set up a gigantic oil rig to pump out the profits. But their greed caused them not to exercise proper safety precautions and that is where you come in.

Click Death 2 walkthrough.

Cleverness and timing is the key to winning the game. But if you don't have ample supply of those, try the Click Death 2 walkthrough instead (click the guy with pick axe, when boat comes click the harness on the man working on the crane, click on the tip of the fire, click guy on the crane to make him fall into the boat, click guy with clipboard, click the closest metal pole holding the rail thus making him fall and cupsize the boat causing infernal flames; click the guy next to drill to shred him to bits; when chopper comes keep clicking the harness on the crane).

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