Raze 2 walkthrough

Raze 2 is a new side scrolling platformer action shooting game from Justin Goncalves. Prepare for an awesome shooting mayhem with a vast array of weapons, abilities and equipment. Fight off the alien forces and save the human race or become the villain and outgun the heroes to it's destruction.

Raze 2 walkthrough.

The game features two campaign - human  and alien and a quick match mode which you can use to earn more credits. In the menu, you can manage your abilities, player profile, weapons and equipments by accessing the armory. In the achievements menu you can view which of them you have already unlocked. Meanwhile, we have here is a collection of Raze 2 walkthrough showing different levels of the game played.

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  1. great game and great website thanks!
    you can also play raze 3 here


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