Diamond Hollow 2 walkthrough

Diamond Hollow 2 is another new retro platformer action shooter game from pegasgames. You play as a young boy who one day, woke up alone at a massive hazardous cave. Confused of what is going on and frightened by mysterious creatures, you found a slime gun. You started shooting enemies and collecting diamonds of different colors which turned out to be valuable in upgrading your weapons and abilities.

Diamond Hollow 2 walkthrough.

It is no doubt one of the retro games out there that is worth playing. With it's lengthy story mode, mini games, boss rush and escape mode, it will surely have you occupied for long and prevent you from getting any work done - very entertaining indeed.  It's easy to get into plus the gameplay and feel of it gives kids of the 90s a trip down memory lane with it's pixel art style and nes like audio. The game also has lots of achievements to unlock and secret areas to locate for those who seek more challenge. Meanwhile, what we have gathered here is a collection of Diamond Hollow 2 walkthrough showing different chapters (updated when new vids goes live as usual).

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