Blocks That Matter walkthrough

Blocks That Matter is a new indie puzzle game created by swing swing submarine (Mac, Windows and Linux). It's yet another game heavily inspired by Tetris and Minecraft. Play as Tetrobot, the unfinished creation of two indie game developers, apparently kidnapped and being held in an isolated cabin in a forest of pines. You are their only hope to be saved. Make use of your abilities which is mostly drilling blocks around turning them into pieces of material you can use to build things up and solve puzzles with.

Blocks That Matter walkthrough.

This game is definitely one those games that is worth of your penny. It has turned some of the most popular games in history into something new so this one is also bound to be remembered for very long time. Meanwhile, if you are already yawning at what you have been reading here, here is Blocks That Matter walkthrough that you are looking for.

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