Hoshi Saga 7 Ringohime walkthrough

Hoshi Saga 7 Ringohime is the latest installment for the HS series created by nekogames. It features all new levels where your objective is to find the stars. The gameplay is similar to the other game called Click Play only on this one you are looking for a star instead of the play button.

Hoshi Saga 7 Ringohime walkthrough.
Levels are well thought out and cleverly crafted thus making it simply addicting and fairly challenging. Meanwhile, here is a collection of written and video of Hoshi Saga 7 Ringohime walkthrough showing solution to different levels.
Stage 76: After you open the panel located on the left, turn all of the lights on then rotate them each pointing to the painting in the middle until the light forms a star.
Stage 77: Rearrange the blocks by pushing them in or out to form a star. See the video for the exact arrangement of the blocks.
Stage 78: Click on the stars until you find the correct one.
Stage 79: Hover your mouse on the lamp and rub it repeatedly and the star should appear.
Stage 80: After you drag out the snake in the bottom left corner in and around the field, click the tail segment a bunch of times. The star appears.
Stage 81: Hold and drag the little arrow down to reveal one point of the star the drag from the middle to reveal the rest.

The solution for the rest of the stages will be added to the video later (that is if I dont get lazy). But if you are reading this and you have your own solution, you can add them down in the comments section. Whoever gives a solution wins bragging rights. Meanwhile, the Hoshi Saga 7 Ringohime walkthrough is partially completed (updated whenever I find time^^).

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