Legends Of Ooo walkthrough

Legends Of Ooo is a new point and click adventure game aimed at children from cartoonnetwork. If you are not familiar with Adventure Time, it is time you get out from under that rock you are living in. Seriously, it's a game version of the cartoon network series. It features Finn and Jake whose mission is to rescue different kinds of princess from the clutches of an evil Ice King whose gig is marrying a princess. Save these damsels in distress by pointing and clicking your way through objects and interacting with the environment.

Legends Of Ooo walkthrough.

Though it may be a game designed for kids, it's still a great and long game for adults to enjoy also. If it proves to be a bit too challenging for you despite of your mathematical prowess, maybe this Legends Of Ooo walkthrough can help you nail it down to the end.

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