Revert To Growth 2 walkthrough

Revert to Growth 2 is a new point and click physics based puzzle game from aethosgames. This is basically the 2nd but unfortunately also the last in the what I think a good series of awesome puzzle game. This game has tons more awesomeness than the first one having 3 different environments that each have their own play style. What other special features of this game are the level editor and sharing where you get to share your own custom levels with other players.

Revert To Growth 2 walkthrough.

Art here is good and both music and sound effects makes the audio even better. There are 3 different environments namely Tundra, Volcano and Forest each consist of 10 unique levels and difficulty level - definitely a good play. Meanwhile, here is Revert To Growth 2 walkthrough showing game completion in par time and moves.

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