Soul Brother walkthrough

Soul Brother is a new retro style platform adventure game from Jasper Byrne on adultswim. It is generally about jumping, exploring, avoiding obstacles like spikes and saws while collecting gems. It sounds like any other platformer but in this one you can switch to other characters by hurting and killing your present body thus reincarnating your soul into the closest living thing. Different characters has different abilities that you can use to your advantage. Reach for the sky and meet your maker - the Being who will give you awards (mostly fruits) for various achievements that you made throughout the game and be granted your original form.

Soul Brother walkthrough.

I find this game unique and entertaining. The visuals, sound and music are just retro the way most of us like. Anyways, if you need some sort of guide or help for this game, see these clips of Soul Brother walkthrough (SBW) I've collected.

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  1. Fun Game. My best so far is 4 deaths in 17 and some odd minutes. I want to shoot for 0 just to see how to get all of those dang fruits! :)


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