Pokemon Tower Defense walkthrough

Pokemon Tower Defense is another point and click defensive strategy game based on the popular rpg game. In the game you will be given a chance to choose which pokemon to start off with and which version to play, red or blue. The story: When a pack of wild Rattata attack Professor Oak's lab, it is up to you to stop them. Set out on your own Pokemon journey, to catch and train all pokemon and try to solve the mystery behind these attacks. Featuring the original 151 pokemon!

Pokemon Tower Defense walkthrough.

The game is controlled entirely by mouse so it is easy to play and the commands are easy to learn. If you need some strategies and techniques, maybe this Pokemon Tower Defense walkthrough can help us all out.


  1. valeu cara graças a você eu zerei

  2. basically i cant beat celadon gym and i need a Pikachu shadow. HELP!

  3. I also made a pokemon tower defense walkthrough. Check it out if you'd like:


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