Flagstaff Chapter Two (2) walkthrough

Flagstaff Chapter Two (2) is a new turn based tactical game from joesler on armorgames. It is where the adventure from flagstaff 1 continues as the five heroes emerge from a portal of some sort to confront the King's arch nemesis - the pun. Take control of a party of five heroes that has their own unique abilities and skills as yo usearch for the truth behind an outbreak of madness amongst the king's royal guards.

Flagstaff Chapter Two 2 walkthrough.

Strategy is the key to winning every battle in this game. Plan ahead and take note of your enemies capabilites and health. You may also wanna count the tiles before you move your party. Protect your healer unit at all cost and make use of your range units wisely. Meanwhile, here is Flagstaff Chapter Two walkthrough that is updated when new videos goes online.

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