Battle For Wayland Keep walkthrough

Battle For Wayland Keep a Prelude Story to Ortus is a new action tower defense rpg game from jazza studios and armorgames. In this game, you must defend the wayland keep at all cost. Take on the role of the first legendary hero of Candor, Argus. Survive 12 weeks of battle as the enemy eastern empire invades through the wailing wastes. Shall the wall of the fort fall down then all of your people wil go down with it. But you can start over again at the last checkpoint.

Battle For Wayland Keep walkthrough.

The story of the game is quite compelling enough to be interesting. As for the gameplay, it's kind of repititive but as you learn new magic spells and skills you'll find hard to not to take those newly learned abilities into battle. Pretty addictive I must say. As you progress through levels you will be faced with more challenging enemies that will force you to think of new strategies and utilize magical skills. Anyways, I will collect Battle For Wayland Keep walkthrough videos to help you out with tactics and will update this when new videos and other materials come up.

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