Drop Dead 3 walkthrough

Drop Dead 3 is another addicting point and click physics based puzzle game produced by ttursas. Apparently, the king has been kidnapped so that mean you need to drop dead. I don't know if it make sense but will you just fling ragdolls around and watch explode, bleed, drown, shatter to piece and dissapear after all that agony. The key features of this game are, it contains more blood and explosion than the previous ones and wait, there are missiles, I know you, you love missiles! There are 15 playable characters now, some boss fights and in game editor.

Drop Dead 3 walkthrough.

The game is controlled entirely by mouse and spacebar, so drag and drop the ragdoll to send it flying to sharp objects, bombs, gravity fields and other stuff that can hurt ragdolls and when out of pulls, press space to jump. Unlockables? It has plenty! For Drop Dead 3 walkthrough, just tune in to video below that we will update from time to time.

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