Protector IV.V (4.5) walkthrough

Protector IV.V or 4.5 is a new point and click tower defense strategy game from undefined. Basically, it is the follow up expansion to the Protector 4 game packed with it is a whole host of fresh and new content. Featuring 7 new storyline campaigns and several individual storyline quests and other side quests. Choose your humble background between travelling merchant, noble's squire, street urchin, wandering bard, studen of magic or forest dweller and begin your journey towards greatness. Choose your heroes, equiped them with mystical items and upgrade their skills as you progress.

Protector IV.V walkthrough.

This game is not the first in its genre but still it pretty entertaining game with good story. Strategy aspect is fine. I love it when you get to know the weakness of an enemy then planning to attack it. Anyways, for Protector IV.V walkthrough, here's what we found so far (we will update this if we can find more).

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