Suzunari Escape 1 Walkthrough

Description: Suzunari Escape 1 is a point and click escape game from the Japanese creator of flash games, Suzunari. In this game, you are locked inside a room and must try to get out with the help of the items found within the game. You must escape from the room before, uh, you boss catch you playing games online while at work lol. Anyways, to help you beat this game fast and avoid you being caught by your boss playing while at work, we decided to put up a Suzunari Escape 1 walkthrough. Just follow the simple steps. First, to begin the game, click the "Start" button. Second, watch the video below. hehe.

That Suzunari Escape 1 Walkthrough will really help you beat the game before your boss comes to your cubicle.

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