Construction Fall Walkthrough Level Solutions

Hello there Construction Fall flash game fans, players and stuck ups? LOL! So you're out here to find some sort of level guide to Construction Fall right? Well, you've reach the right page for what you're looking for. The video down there will show you some strategies to beat levels 1 to 12 of this awesome physics game by FunFlow. So yeah, here's Construction Fall walkthrough to be your guide. UPDATE: Levels 13 to 24 is now online. See below.

If you have any questions about this Construction Fall Walkthrough, please let me know and I'll try to get back to you as soon as I can.


  1. bounce the white ball in the bottom left against the wall to the right so that it tips the seesaw board this way / . then shoot the lower s ball straight into the pendulum to its left. get ready with the other s ball, and time it so that it hits the pendulum as it is swinging back to the left. this will give it more momentum, and when it swings back to the right, it will hit the board that is attached by rope to the brown block above it. the brown block will slowly fall, and bump the white ball near it off the ledge. when this white ball rolls under the breakable block, shoot it straight up. the block will break and release the upper pendulum. now use the gray ball in the upper left to tap the wheel to its right. time it so that the wheel bumps the pendulum as it swings back to the left. this should make the wheel fall onto the board you originally tilted this way / . it will roll down the board and knock down the structure. the timing is very tricky, but it's awesome when it works.


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