Alan Probe Amateur Surgeon 2 Walkthrough

Hi there Alan Probe Amateur Surgeon 2 fans! May I present to you a video that will teach the correct way of medical surgery malpractice. Just kidding. I myself is not good too in the previous Alan Probe games also by Adult Swim. So what I do is search the internet for guides or tutorials that could help. Like you I am also a frustrated surgeon and all I want is to save the lives of the patients but it seems that I just ruin everything and make it worst, then the patient dies.. every time! LOL! Anyways, here's Alan Probe Amateur Surgeon 2 walkthrough to be your guide to surgery.

NOTE: Not suitable for children. Please be a responsible parent. Don't let you kids play Amateur Surgeon 2 unless you want them to be a surgeon someday.

Geez, that Alan Probe Amateur Surgeon 2 Walkthrough is short and incomplete so I need you to notify me if ever you find more videos of this game. Thanks and enjoy!

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