Doodle God Walkthrough | The All Elements Guide

Doodle God is very fun yet challenging game developed and created by Elite Games and Avallon Alliance. In this game you play as the one individual that posses the true power of a Doodle God. You will build armies and grow your civilization. Mixing elements is the key to completion of the game so I thought that I would post the video I have found and share it all of you. Yea, how thoughtful of me. =) Anyways, here's the Doodle God Walkthrough (the 'all elements' tutorial)

There is another Doodle God Walkthrough from that same uploader but it's more speedy than the one above so I recommend this one instead.

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  1. Sounds really fun and challenging.This is very similar with SIMS. I'd download this and explore this game. Do you have a link or URL I can find the how to's of this game?Thank you!

    Doodle God


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