Stoney Room Escape Walkthrough

Stoney Room Escape is a flash point and click game from the world of escaping games, the Escape Games Land. If you are used to playing this type of web games, then you might know the basics but in case you're new to this, then let me explain this to you. These kind of games are called room escape games in which you use your mouse to point and click on things sometimes to find and obtain items or to bring thing in to a specific action. The whole place is basically a puzzle for a typical Room Escape Game. But some advance flash games are more dynamics that not only require the mouse for playing but also the keyboard. In the case of Stoney Room Escape, which is a simple yet fun and puzzling game, you only use your mouse for playing. Now let proceed to the walkthrough video, before you get pissed and dead bored of my boring introductions. Here's
Stoney Room Escape Walkthrough guide:

Now don't be stupid and stop the mad clicking, use this Stoney Room Escape Walkthrough for your convenience.

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