Crush The Castle 2 Walkthrough

Crush The Castle 2 is an addicting and challenging physics based game you can play on armorgames. Just like the its predecessor Crush the Castle games, you are out to destroy every structure in your way using your almighty catapult. However, it's not that easy to beat every level. Calculation must be accurate to hit the right spot. There are also new achievements in this game and some secret weapon. If you're stuck at some point of this game, you can see Crush The Castle 2 Walkthrough below. The first video shows us how to beat the levels in Canalopolis.

This next video shows us how to finish the levels of North Montis and Terra Magnus.

Finally, we have the walkthrough for the levels of Bestonian Island and south Promontori.

By the way, all of the Crush The Castle 2 Walkthrough tutorial videos you see in here is the all gold medals version.

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