Suspense walkthrough

Suspense walkthrough.Suspense is a new platformer adventure puzzle game from Black Square studio. If you are an individual who enjoys traveling through time then you will like this game. But heck, we all enjoy time traveling so you will probably love this game. There's a problem in this game, though. You can just press a button and boom! you're instantly teleported to the same spot where you stand but in distant past or future and regardless of weather there was once deadly spikes below or some laser traps on that same spot. So being careful all the time will help you a lot (count the pixels if you must).

Main features of this game aside from time traveling awesomeness are the amazingly squarey graphics, even your character is squarey which is good for square loving persons like me (nice job BlackSquare!) and the puzzles are really well thought out or maybe this is just the first time that I play a game with this kind of gameplay. Anyways, it really entertained me down to the last strand of my hair that I pulled. Yes, I won't be able to finish this game if not for the help of the Suspense walkthrough for all levels.

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