The Impossible Quiz Book Chapter 3 Answers walkthrough

The Impossible Quiz Book Chapter 3 Answers walkthrough.
The Impossible Quiz Book Chapter 3 Back To The Spatula Future is a new funny puzzle game from Clenn Rodes. The game asks you something and you answer - it's pretty simple and easy if you know the correct answer or you are going to lose one life for every mistake you make. Many questions in this quiz is a reference to the chapters 1 and 2 of the game so playing them may do some help.

There are also these quizzes in which you use your keyboard to type a word for the correct answer or sometimes you will have to click on something to make something happen which will then be the solution. Meanwhile, I collected The Impossible Quiz Book Chapter 3 answers walkthrough (written and video) so you don't have to and got this:

Answers in written form:
102: Click on the zigzag line.
104: 2002.
105: answer is Four.
107: 2004.
108: Type "Bang"
110: The hieroglyphs spell "bomb" - click bomb.
114: Reference to The Impossible Quiz. Stroke Chris and you make a paradox, ending in a Game Over.
118: Reference to The Impossible Quiz 2. Pick up "a penguin" and clicking the rift beneath is incorrect.
120: Click nyancat like crazy to make a rainbow.
121: Reference to The Impossible Quiz. Clicking the exclamation mark at the end of the question is incorrect.
123: "C" is 100 in Roman Numerals. Also, look for the fusestopper.
124: Double reference. The original question (Click the answer) is from the original quiz, but how you make an elephant appear is from the sequel - remove the mouse from the window.
130: You don't need to reveal the options first.
133: Type "W" as in "double ewe".
138: How does someone do this without the fusestopper? Reference to The Impossible Quiz. If you actually do charge the laser, you "shoop da whoop" your way to an instant Game Over.
139: Click the valve to get this chapter's Skip.
140: Since each option cycles through 4 answers from the history of the Impossible Quiz, you can click the lower left option and still get it incorrect. In addition, the question is straight from The Impossible Quiz 2.
141: Only the second-to-last portal sends you forward. Choosing an incorrect portal removes 1 life from you and sends you back to a previous question. (I have been sent back to Q101 before.) If you used up your fusestopper and are warped to before Q123, you can get the fusestopper back, so look out for it.
142: The new arrangement of numbers means that the actual 42nd 42 is 2 places to the right of where it was in The Impossible Quiz. Note that the 1st 42 is in the question's hint.
144: "Y"... just "Y"?
145: See Q102.
146: Mash exclamation marks to win.
148: Yes, this again. Blue, red, blue, yellow - as revealed in The Impossible Quiz.
149: 30 (Prototype) + 110 (Original) + 120 (Sequel) + 150 (Book) = 410 Questions
150: Choosing to sacrifice your lives results in an instant Game Over. You have to wipe the Impossible Quiz from history.


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