Dino Panic walkthrough

Dino Panic walkthrough.
Dino Panic The Adventures of Barog and Tora is a new fast paced run and jump reaction game with a multi tasking twist on the side from godseed. In the game, you control a fast running cave man, Barog and his pteranondon pet at the same time. Your objective is to get to the finish line whil you collect gems along the way to increase your score but there are obstacles to make your life a bit too difficult like boulders of rocks floating around if not standing in your way, pitfalls and the ever hungry trex constantly trying to eat you.

The gameplay is a bit challenging so it may take you more practice just to finish your first run alive. Anyways, you can set your game to simple mode or check on the no pits option to make the game a little easy. Meanwhile, here is Dino Panic walkthrough with some gameplay awesomeness.

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