Memohuntress walkthrough

Memohuntress walkthrough all items.
Memohuntress is another point and click adventure game from enterskies entertainment and presented by newgrounds. In this game you play as a stow away young girl named Sellar Dore who is desperate to stop her parents from constant fighting. Now years later, she learns her village has been struck by a disaster. She wanted to return home however she is going to raise the money needed to get back there. Collect all items across the Factory, Floating Forest, Rose Inn and Emerald Sea to complete quest. Spoilers: Items in the forest are plastic roses, fake snakes, box of seeds, silver lighter, camera, violin, book true loves kiss, dagger, flare gun, secret map, wallet and hidden emblem. Rose Inn items are room keys, 6 golden music box, 9 special souvenirs, 5 guest slippers, one diploma, 9 love letters, 6 clean socks, a diamond ring, 4 albino bat toy, 5 pen kits together with gold chains and a hidden emblem. Watch the video foo all other items.

Memohuntress walkthrough and all emblem locations guide

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