Rupert's Zombie Diary walkthrough

Rupert's Zombie Diary walkthrough.
Here we will cover Rupert's Zombie Diary walkthrough but some intro first for those who are not familiar with the game. It is a new run and gun shooter game from scimitargames where an evil wizard has taken over London and with an army of zombies to do his bidding, he becomes pretty tough. It's a good thing that there is Rupert Whitewater, a man who stands up tp the evil reign of that wizard. Survive waves of brain hungry undead, buy perks to upgrade your efficiency and learn more effective  special moves to strike down your foes even harder.

Moving forward to some tips, you may want to upgrade first all the marksman perks and after that upgrade your movement speed. After you obtained those upgrades you don't have to worry anymore about battling levels with 50 plus zombies, you can make it most of the time if you would only spend those health boxes wisely and master the art of surfing zombies. To surf them, you must first remove their arms and press kick button on them. It's a great tactic if implemented correctly. And now the video guide for Rupert's Zombie Diary game (updated as usual when new video walkthrough goes online).

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