Zombie Tsunami Android App cheats

Zombie Tsunami Android app cheats.Zombie Tsunami is a one button side scrolling running game from mobigame and for some reason it's kind of addicting. In the game, you control horde of green skin zombies that is out to infect all humans in their path. However, it is somewhat not that easy to take over the world if you don't have the upgrades to your skills which apparently costs coins. To earn coins, you must get them but it's not easy either thanks to the moving cars, bombs and holes conveniently placed everywhere.

You can make an in app purchase if you have the money of course or you can try a slightly shady way of getting ahead of this game. And that is by downloading the mod. It's the same game but with more than enough coins to buy everything in the game. Check out Zombie Tsunami Android app cheats below to learn how to get it.

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