Feed Us Lost Island Cheats Walkthrough

Feed Us Lost Island Cheats.Feed Us Lost Island is the latest in the man eating fish monster game series from pyrozen. This time, the piranha is back for more flesh! Prey on unsuspecting victims as you develop your body to the ultimate monster in the water that takes pleasure on bone munching, boat sinking and just plain wrecking havoc upon tourists in a remote island paradise.

However, you will need blood to be completely beast in this game and will require you to take some time. But if you want to speed up things,  you may use the cheat codes provided below.
WARNING - Deactivate warnings.
WAR - Every human throw spears.
PEACE - No humans throw spears.
DEADARMY - Enable human skeletons.
BEAST - Become invincible.
SLOWCOW - Slow down enemies.
TRAVEL - Unlock fast travel in pause menu.
TINY - Become tiny main piranha.
MASSIVE - Become a very large piranha.
EPICJUMP - You jump higher.
POPOUT - Unlock all in the shop except Air Strikes.
APPETITE - 2x more floating meat.
HARDFISH - Classic seeds are invincible.
To learn where to put those Feed Us Lost Island cheats please follow the video guide demonstrating how to do so.

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