Dead Trigger 2 APK Download

Dead Trigger 2 APK Download.
Dead Trigger 2 is now out just in time for the coming Halloween. One of the most popular shooter games for Android and iOS has got it's most awaited sequel has been made available by Mad Fingers October 24.

It features more zombies to shoot and new weapons to shoot with. Do you like heavy weapons? You got it. What's more and new in this game is the real time story development where you take part in the global resistance as the story develops directly influenced by the participation of every single player.

The challenge it presents just got vamped up with kamikaze, vomitron and other new bosses that are powerful zombies. You like chickens? You like grenades? How about Grenade Chickens? It's awesome, not only the chicken weapons but the game itself is really engaging and has intuitive gameplay. But don't take my word for it, go get it from Google Play or download Dead Trigger 2 apk here.

Please note that after you download the APK, you will have to connect to wifi to download additional data needed to launch the game.


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