Symphonic Tower Defense walkthrough

Symphonic Tower Defense is a new point and click strategy game from Jon Sandness. It's a music driven tower defense but you don't need musical instruments to play just a computer will do :). Build defensive towers to keep the music from getting out of control and lousy. Each tower responds to a particular piece of the song while the enemies spawn to the beat so get your grove on!

Symphonic Tower Defense walkthrough.

This is not your typical tower defense where you eventually turn off the sound because of the repetitive music background. Here, you create fire! I mean, ze music well, a part of it. By the way, there are lots of tracks in this game with varying genre, length and tempo which also defines the difficulty level of it. Anyways, for Symphonic Tower Defense walkthrough showing tutorial and gameplay (strategies for I Choose You, Throwing Fire, Native Faith on hard mode etc).

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