Not To Scale walkthrough

Not To Scale is a new point and click tile swapping puzzle game from randomdragon. But it is not your regular tile swapping game that is rather too easy. This one here has some carefully selected photographs used and some varying of slot sizes that automatically scale to fit its current container which gives it a little twist and extra challenge for the player.

Not To Scale walkthrough.

This puzzle game is a really mind bending one - it's really not one of the ordinary tile swapping games around these days. Very clever and entertaining. Meanwhile, if you need some help with specific levels, here's Not To Scale walkthrough (showing solutions to levels Goat Herder, Gingerbread Things, Tomatoes Galore, Hallway Arches, Pink Flowers, Cairo, Try not to Think about Elephants, Chinese Seed Peddler, Happy Happy Hippos, Water Cube, Cathedral and Broadway).

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