Emerald Den Escape walkthrough

Emerald Den Escape walkthrough.
Emerald Den Escape is a new online room escape game brought to us by TeraLumina. It just so happen that one day you were strolling down the beach, you came across an empty room. Out of curiosity, you went in through it's open door. But the door mysteriously shut closed behind. Good thing you are familiar with escape games so you know that you just have to explore the whole place and gather items that may help you solve puzzles in it and find the exit.

If you are not familiar with this types of games, let me explain the controls. To navigate around around rooms just click on the sides or bottom of the screen. Scan the scene with your mouse cursor and look for interactive areas for possible clues or useful objects and of course emeralds - there are twenty of them to collect here. Meanwhile, if you got stuck at some point of it and need help, here is Emerald Den Escape walkthrough showing the solution.

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