Jayce Build Guide

Jayce Build Guide.
This Jayce Guide includes build, runes, masteries and abilities. I copied the entire text from Hydro's video and I don't take credit for any of it so thank him instead. I only find it very useful so I thought I will share it here to my readers.

Build : Starting Items - Boots, 3 health pots
Berserker's Greaves, Get Phage, Frozen Heart, Build Phage into Frozen Mallet, Phantom Dancer, BloodThirster, Infinity Edge. Situational Items - Randuilon's Omen, Warmog's Armor, Force of Nature. Note: Replace one or two of your damage items with these. Unless you are building a tank, do not sacrifice all of your damage items. If you really want, you can buy an extra bloodthirster in place of the frozen heart, but I REALLY REALLY suggest using the frozen heart because of the stats and things it can do for you.

Jayce Build Guide

Runes : Armor Penetration Quints Flat Attack Damage Seals and Marks Attack Speed Glyphs

Masteries : I have two mastery pages depending on how I want to play Jayce.

Mastery page one : 19 - 11 - 0
This page focuses mainly on durability and some damage. It balances out armor and damage to be a type of bruiser half tank. I take this when soloing top, or if i want to be a pest at bot lane.

Mastery page two : 21 - 9 - 0
This mastery page focuses more on damage, but still some defense to keep your build consistent. If you don't have to build as much defense, you can build more offense, and trust me, damage is great with Jayce. I also take the mastery that improves the offensive summoner spells. This is a must if you want to play more like an AD carry.

Summoner Spells and Abilities :
For summoner spells I take Exhaust and Flash. I take exhaust mainly to slow people down for kills, but I also use it if an enemy gets fed. I can use my damage vs their lower damage to get even more kills. I take flash for Jayce because on top of his great movement to start with, you can make the sudden escape instead of having the possibility to get taken down by a gap-closer. You can use ghost in place of flash, but as a long term player in league, I get more success out of using flash instead.

Abilities :
It is important to max out your Q as fast as you can, you jump to the enemy with a crushing blow in melee mode, and in ranged mode you fire off a powerful skill shot nuke that explodes and does AoE damage as well as initial damage to the target it hits. Your Q is your main source of damage in both modes. Next take your E whenever you can't take your Q. It is the opposite of the wall of pain, the move used by Karthus. It increases your speed in ranged mode and you knock enemies back. You can string your Q and E together in ranged mode by using your E and then proceeding to fire off your Q through the E's wall. This increases the damage by 40% and increases the speed a bit. By maxing your Q and E mostly, this is big damage! Take one point in your W early, but wait on maxing it out until end game. It does provide small benefits, but I don't see a point in maxing it until the end because of the larger benefits from your Q and E in both modes. Your W in melee mode gives off an energetic aura that causes damage around enemies as they are near you. It is similar to Hecarim's, but it is very weak. In ranged mode it drastically increases your attack speed for the next 3 attacks, but the catch is, it reduces the damage of those attacks by 30-40%, I don't quite know but the damage reduction is noticeable. Always remember to take your Ultimate when possible.

Tips and Tricks as Jayce :
Some cool things I've gathered by playing are the fact that you can throw down your wall in ranged mode and then pop your ult again to give yourself a massive speed boost. Run through the wall then use your Ultimate. Another cool thing is that if your abilities are on CD (Cool Down) for one mode, switch to the other mode to use your other abilities. This can maximize damage in a short amount of time. And by the time you can switch modes, most or all of your CD's will be all cooled down and ready to use.

Fun Facts about Jayce :
If you switch to his ranged mode, his E has half the cool down it would if he used it in ranged mode to begin with. I think Riot did this because they didn't want people to have really fast speed boosts, but as I mentioned before, use the wall that increases his speed (His E) then shape shift to his melee mode, and you will have that really fast speed boost! Jayce's Leap also has a choppy animation which causes you to move pretty slow after the hit. It doesn't even show up on the movement number that it went down, but when he comes outside of the PBE, you guys will probably notice the decrease in speed.

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