William And Sly 2 walkthrough

William And Sly 2 walkthrough.William And Sly 2 is a new platformer exploration fantasy game from Lucas Paakh. Apparently, the gnomes have stolen William's journal and scattered its pages all over the mountain side. Good thing he knows a certain fox that can help him - Sly. Your goal is to find all the pages of the journal, munch every mushrooms in your way, search and defrost frozen pixies, activate teleportation stones, break dissolution spells and restore ahmnis to their correct pedestals.

This game features fantastic art work, graphics and animation. Gameplay is quite addicting and extremely fun. Finding all of the mushrooms, journals, fairyfly, bombs, 4 pixies and keys location can be quite challenging as you play further. But don't worry, there are some abilities you can gain like the teleportation, ahmni sight and sprite jump which enables you to easily locate treasures and jump higher to reach high places. Meanwhile, here is William And Sly 2 walkthrough guide showing gameplay.

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