Adventure Story walkthrough

Adventure Story walkthrough.Adventure Story is a new side scroller action game from the maker of Epic Battle Fantasy series kupo707. Explore the mystifying world while battling swarms of enemies, learning powerful magic spells and collecting new equipment to gear up your hero. You will also face massive bosses like giant ice rocks, bush monsters among others. If you seek more challenge, you can go for the achievement medals that you can get by accomplishing certain feats.

This game is played with arrow keys for moving and jumping around, A to jump, S to attack, D to open up spell menu, Q W E for magic hotkeys. You can perform amazing combos by combining the attack with directional buttons. It offers a quite addicting gameplay that we all love about side scrollers. Art style and animation are nice and neat plus boss battles are epic. Meanwhile, here is Adventure Story walkthrough guide showing the game in action.

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