Causality Story Part 1 walkthrough

Causality Story Part 1 walkthrough.
The Causality Story Part 1 is another new point and click stickmen puzzle game from bored. This is bored's newest game about wreaking havoc on the lives of innocent stickmen. But this time it's a little different because stick dudes now are starting to realize that something or someone is killing them and that means they are now aware, alert and scared. Yeah I know, that sounds more fun to you, right? Congratulations, you're going to hell for that (joke).

The gameplay hasn't change from the previous causalities however there is only one rule you must not break and that is don't let a stick man see another one die or you lose. Meanwhile, here is Causality Story Part 1 walkthrough showing how to solve levels 1, 2 and 3.

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