Freeway Fury 2 walkthrough

Freeway Fury 2 walkthrough and cheats.Freeway Fury 2 is a new fast paced car racing action game from notdoppler. This is where your dreams about having the ability to just jump over traffic comes true. Here you will be able to switch vehicles to get ahead faster and it's also a way to avoid bursting into flames. If you can perform crazy enough stunts, you will be awarded points and nitro boost. You will have to reach all 7 different endings to get to the final boss battle.

The gameplay, animation and concept of this one is just wonderful or am I just sick of the traffic jam in real life? Meanwhile, here is Freeway Fury 2 walkthrough showing gameplay action.

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  1. Hey, can you tell me how to do the boss level? I've tried to jump on it, get passed it, do you have to race WITH it?


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