Exit Wound 2 walkthrough

Exit Wound 2 is a new point and click stickmen first person shooter game from bored. Take on the role of agent Nathan Drake whose mission is to destroy super secret stickman prototype weapon well hidden in a secret place. Expect encounters with 3D stick men enemies who are more formidable, stronger, equipped with armor and enhanced firepower. However, there's a variety of weapons you can use ranging from pistols to machine guns to sniper riffles and automatics among others.

Exit Wound 2 walkthrough and cheats.

This game is fun in it's own way though at first you may mess up at the controls especially if you are used to playing consol fps where the keys A and D are for side steps. But it gets better as you play, a great series, nonetheless. Meanwhile, here is Exit Wound 2 walkthrough for those who need help completing the missions.

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