Armed With Wings Culmination walkthrough

Armed With Wings Culmination is another action platformer adventure game from sun-studios. If you are not familiar, this developer is the maker of the Armed With Wings Series wherein the main feature is awesomeness. But this time they've made it even more awesome than their usual being awesome. Enough praising the sun-studios. In this game you play as a simple lone warrior who is out to defeat the returning king of the Earth with your magnificent combos and some fascinating special attacks.

Armed With Wings Culmination walkthrough and guide.

Slashing your way or avoiding obstacles through 15 levels will get you eventually to the epic final boss battle. Its art style is simple and somewhat dark and eerie. The gameplay is addicting enough to prevent you from getting any work done in real life. Meanwhile, here is AWWCw Armed With Wings Culmination walkthrough showing levels beaten.

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