Earth Taken 2 walkthrough

Earth Taken 2 is the second installment of a post apocalyptic action shooter game from seethingswarm. The game is set in the midst of an alien invasion where most of humanity and animals have already been wiped off the face of our planet. The whole ecosystem has been altered by the alien invaders to suit their needs; the air has been made poisonous to most of the creatures on this planet including humans. This sequel kicks off where the first game has left off. I suggest you play the first one if you want to get a better view of the story line.
Earth Taken 2 walkthrough

Anyways, this game, I think, uses the same game mechanics as the Hobo game series so it is safe to say that this is like Hobo but with serious feel in it. Anyways again, what I have here is a recorded gameplay of me of the game where I found all of the secrets in each levels. I hope you enjoy my Earth Taken 2 walkthrough showing full gameplay and secrets locations.

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