Dead Zed 2 walkthrough

Dead Zed 2 is a new first person shooter tower defense zombie game from 3kgames. In this game your mission is to hold your ground until army arrives and rescue you from the horde. Find survivors, supplies and weapons that may be the deciding factor if you will survive wave after wave of zombies or die before reinforcements arrives.
Dead Zed 2 walkthrough

Some tips to consider in the game:
When you are sending search party, keep in mind that the larger the party, the better of them having to find stuff. Have at least one with higher fighting skill in your search party to lessen the chances of casualties. Always aim for areas in the map where there are chances of getting multiple items.
In area 3, try to search places where you will find machine guns and grenade launcher. Make sure to have at least 4 members in a search party for higher chances of getting a find even if it means having no one to defend the house but you. Once you have the a machine gun and grenade launcher, assign a personal assistant so that you will have someone to reload your grenade launcher.

For the complete Dead Zed 2 walkthrough showing full gameplay see the player below.


  1. Hi guys, i need a little bit of help. I used to play Dead Zed 2 unblocked but then they blocked it at my school and i am no longer able to access it, so do any of you know a good unblocked place to play the game?


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