Epic War 5 Hells Gate walkthrough

Epic War 5 Hells Gate is the latest sequel in the EW series from Rudy Sudarto. For Thousands of years, the human race was ruled by the eternal queen Etheriea. All mythical beings, including humans pledged to serve the one true queen since time immemorial despite innumerable challenges by friends and foes alike. Her rule brought peace and order to the realm and terror to its enemies in the blighted wilds. But the hellsgate will soon open to end the world however, one human pledged that he will stop this doom.

Epic War 5 walkthrough.

It features three heroes namely Viegraf the Red, Queen Etheriea and Skull Knight each with different and unique stories, 70 skills, 30 accessories and 27 units. Engage in a great battle once again but this time through Hellsgate and end the world through 12 main stages, 5 trials and 8 extras for additional challenges. Meanwhile, we have here some Epic War 5 walkthrough showing bits of the action (updated when new videos goes live).

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