Bunny Flags 2 walkthrough

Bunny Flags 2 is a new mix of tower defense and tap down shooter game from gamelaunchproject. We have intercepted an intel report that handies forces have gathered around Bully Madison, Orga Grump and Creepy Simon's houses and they need you again to be the hero. It is said that there are over 12 different kind of enemies that can be found within those walls, stickies, hadukens, tanks among others. So the bunnies were compelled to form a team of 5 cuddly bunnies to initiate an attack on the handies uprising.

Bunny Flags 2 walkthrough cheats.

It features 5 classes, each with different abilities, 13 weapons and 11 equipments to arm yourself. There is also a talent tree where you can customize your attributes if you earn enough points. It offers a pretty lengthy hours of gameplay that will surely keep you busy for quite long and most likely prevent you from getting any work done for at least the whole afternoon. Meanwhile, for the sake of Bunny Flags 2 walkthrough I am gathering some videos that shows the different levels played.

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