Vertical Drop Heroes

Its them again, the goblins, took and held the princesses captive and leaving the entire kingdom without a hero to turn to so the king figured that he has no other option but to send you to rescue the poor princess. This is not your usual adventure flash game that is always side scrolling, in this game you go downwards. That is why it's titled Vertical Drop Heroes. You start at the top and work your way down to the very bottom of the game, collecting treasures along the way and saving other captured heroes while overcoming the enemies. At the end of most of the levels you will find the key that you need to access the temples where the princesses are being held prisoner but sometimes you may also get lost to something else like surprise powerful enemies or  game over. It's one fun adventure game. You can play this game by going here. Vertical Drop Heroes walkthrough is coming soon, just hang tight.

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