Treasure Isle Cheats Tips Tricks Hacks and Exploits

The newest Zynga game on facebook that I know is Treasure Isle (it was launched on April 1, 2010) and I will share here with you some tricks, cheats (see videos below) hacks and tips on how you can get started on it. Basically, it is a type of game that combines the idea and concept of farming and treasure hunting. So here are tips for Treasure Isle beginners to to get you started.

Given that you have installed the game appllication, the first thing you will have to do is create your character.You can personalize your treasure hunter the way you want it. Click on your character and at the bottom part you can see the button for the outfit, face, eyes and hair of your character. Once done, you are ready to go treasure hunting. Search for rare items like gems and artifacts that can be found on different islands in the game. Travel from island to island by clicking the map or boat icon at the bottom part of your window/interface then the map should show you different island you can go to and choose by clicking the island you want to explore.

When treasure hunting, dig on the dark areas of land to search for treasure items. Digging on these dark patches requires more energy than digging on plain land. Energy is the key in Treasure Isle. It is the very important thing in your hunt. If your energy runs out, you can't dig anymore.You can monitor your energy in the energy bar at the top of game window. Good news is there are few ways to recharge your energy. You can simply wait for your energy to replenish itself. One energy point for every five minutes. Yeah, that will take long to be fully recharged. The second way is much better. Eating fruits that you have found while treasure hunting can replenish your energy. If you happened to run out of fruits, you can ask some from your friends to spare you some. That is one social aspect of the game.Leveling up can also restore your energy instantly. To level up fast, visit all of your friends' islands and offer them help so you get lots of extra experience points. In your own island, you have two plots where you can grow fruits that you can use as source of energy. Take advantage of this feature and apply your Farmville skills on it. Each type of seed has equivalent amount of energy that it can give. So be wise to choose what to grow in your plots. If you have bunch of island cash, you can use it to purchase energy refill at the store and it will restore your energy the fastest.

Unlockables. There are certain part of the island that requires a rare gem to be unlocked. I'm sure you know how this works. Make friends a lot so you can receive lots of help unlocking these unlockables. Once you complete a treasure set, you can redeem it for some prize.

At first, you have to save your money for fruit seeds and tools and when the time you reached the point that you have plenty of cash to spend, then it's time for decorating your island.

Now for the Treasure Isle hacks..
The Level Hack. Execute at your own risk.

The Glitched Chest Exploit..

Treasure Isle Money Cheat via Cheat Engine 5.6

So I guess that's about it for now. You can share us anything regarding these Treasure Isle Tips Tricks Cheats Hacks and Exploits. Thanks.

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