Reincarnation A Hillbilly Holiday Walkthrough Guide

Reincarnation A Hillbilly Holiday: This game is another sequel to series of Reincarnation, a point and click adventure game. If you played the previous, you can easily point and click your way through this one. But if at some point you get stuck in this game and needed some sort of a guide, let us present this Reincarnation A Hillbilly Holiday walkthrough to you.

  • Click on the pink flowers to the left of the man to make smoke come out.
  • Click on the spoon, and after it comes out of the fire, click on the beehive above his head.
He burns his hand and walks away.
Turn right.
  • Click on the key in his pocket, then on the lock of the small house.
  • Click on the door to open it and discover a bound woman.
Turn left.
  • Click on the red axe and then on the beehive to make it fall down.
  • Click on the red berries in the bush to the left and a berry will fall down.
A squirrel then comes and eats the berry... the man returns.
Turn right.
A bear comes.
  • Click on the bucket on the well, that should make the bear move.
Turn left and it's end of the game…
Thanks to the comments over at EG24. It helped me with this Reincarnation Hillbilly Holiday walkthrough.

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