Kim's Missing Numbers 5 Walkthrough

Kim's Hidden Numbers 5 is the latest point and click type hidden object flash game by Kim in which you'll have to find the missing numbers in each room. For each number you find you will get 100 points but will lose score when you click on wrong spots. You will earn timer bonus after each round and plus there's an achievement item to find in each round that can affect the total score at the end of the game. Anyways, play game here or read some Kim's Hidden Numbers 5 Walkthrough below.
Level 1:
1- middle of left column
2- middle of right column
3- middle of painting
4- bottom left corner of the painting
5- on the left pillow
6- on right pillow
7- somewhere at bottom left of painting
8- middle of right column
9- at the right golden vase
10-on the middle light
11- top of right column
12- a bit more bottom left from #4
13- near bottom of left column
14- bottom of right column
15- near top of left column
16- around left of the glasses on the table
Level 2:
1- top of the left black strip on the carpet
2- on the inside of closest couch
3- on the brown spot in the carpet
4- bottom right of wall picture
5- on the yellow bookshelf at the back
6- inside of left couch
7- on silver sidebar of right couch
8- outside of left couch
9- left of the carpet between the 2 couches
10- above right pillow on bed
11- front side of the bed
12-the ornament thing on the desk
13- somewhere left of the wall picture and above the bed
14- bottom left of wall picture
15- bottom right of black wall
16- towards bottom right of carpet

An egg can be found under the desk.

That's all for now on Kim's Hidden Numbers 5 Walkthrough. Thanks to those who shared this walkthrough, EG24.

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