EscapeHeaven's Zoo Escape Walkthrough Guide

Zoo Escape is a new point and click type of room escaping flash game from EscapeHeaven. You are stockbreeder at the zoo in this game. You won't be able to escape before all the animals are feeded. Anyways, here's a Zoo Escape Walkthrough guide we've got from the net.
  1. Zoom in on the elephant and take the meat. It's in the shadow, on the top left of the screen, just below your inventory. Zoom out.
  2. Take the hay. Top right of your screen, just below your inventory.
  3. Zoom in on the car and take the sickle. It's behind the wheel. Zoom out.
  4. Zoom in on the right part of the bottom fence. Click the part of the fence in the shade of the bush. Use your sickle to cut the grass into two piece and take the pieces of grass then zoom out.
  5. Zoom in on the rocks at the bottom right. Click between the green leafs to the right of the right flower (just above the long leaf) to take the key. Zoom out.
  6. Zoom in on the rocks at the top right and use your key on the white box (nothing happens but you unlocked it). Click the box to open it and take the two fish. Zoom out (2x).
  7. Zoom in on the white animal that looks like a cow on the right. Take the bucket from behind (the top of) the rock. Zoom out.
  8. Use your bucket on the water (top right) to fill it.
  9. Zoom in on the elephant and put the hay (left) and the bucket with water (right) in front of it. Zoom out.
  10. Zoom in on the bear and put the two fish between it's legs. Zoom out.
  11. Put the meat in the water.
  12. Zoom in on the white cow on the left and put one piece of grass (the second one in your inventory) on the ground and do the same thing with the cow on the right with the other piece of grass. Zoom out.
  13. Zoom in on the car, click on the window and finished.
Source of this EscapeHeaven Zoo Escape Walkthrough is EscapeGames24.

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