REBUS App Answers and Walkthrough

Rebus Absurd Logic app is a new puzzle app created for mobile platforms such as iphone, ipod touch, ipad and android devices. In this game, each level shows the player a clip art and from there the player must enter the correct word. The answer is only one word but is often difficult to guess as the images presents borderline absurdity. I mean, one has to really think outside the box with this game.

This game has making a lot of buzz lately as it amazes mobile gamers around the world with its simplicity and difficulty. If you play this be prepared to be occupied for some time and satisfied or frustrated - depending on how fare playing it.
REBUS App Answers and walkthrough.

Meanwhile, since this game has been giving lots of player headache that often leads to endangering mobile devices by being smashed to ground, I figured that I should help somehow. Having said that, here is REBUS App Answers and walkthrough which shows all of the solutions for each every level in the game.

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