Bowmaster Winter Storm Final Boss walkthrough

Bowmaster Winter Storm is the sequel to the popular point and click archery game by lostvector. In this game, you will be faced with elemental beasts, large and small, enemy grunts, rangers, giant spiders, gigantic stone golems and dragons. Yes dragons that spit fires, poisonous green stuff and ice bombs. What better weapon to wield when facing such a nasty host of enemies? Of course, a magical bow that shoots different kinds of arrows. Cast destruction from afar and rain down havoc upon the incoming enemy army with a wide variety of skills and spell.
Bowmaster Winter Storm Final Boss walkthrough

The game is very entertaining although you will it repetitive before you get to half of it. But this is one of those games that is fun to repeat. The only bad in this game is the intensity of lag. To lessen the laggish gameplay, I advice that you lower your graphic details in the settings menu. Anyway, here is the Bowmaster Winter Storm Final Boss walkthrough showing us how the last dragon boss got owned by a lot of fire arrows.

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